…and what organic food is NOT

Let’s clear a some common misconceptions about organic food.

  • Organic food is not the same thing as diet food. Diet foods are reactive, people eat them to resolve some existing health issues. In contrast, organic foods are free of bad pesticides & herbicides, GMO, growth hormones, irradiation, sewage sludge fertilizer, etc. As a result, they do not cause health problems, associated with the aforementioned toxins/processes. (From: USDA)

  • Organic food does not necessarily taste different from conventionally grown food (you can’t really taste lack of pesticides, can you?). (From: NIH)

  • While not being exposed to the toxics from the conventionally grown food is especially important for children and pregnant/nursing woman, everyone would enjoy maintaining their good health through organic food. (From: NIH)

  • Organic food is not more expensive then conventionally grown food after you take into account future health issues and doctor
    visits. By paying fair price for quality food today, you get safe non-contaminated food (From: USDA).

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