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Sometime Monsanto loses

I’ve discovered an interesting Federal Trade Commission document, dating back to 2007. (link to Monsanto encouraged FTC to start an investigation into the “misleading advertizing and labeling practices” related to the rBST, a synthetic bovine growth hormone manufactured by Monsanto and approved by FDA to increase milk production. While Monsanto acknoledges that milk producers […]

GMO Abroad

  The following countries have banned GMO food: Austria, France, Greece, Hungary, Serbia, Germany and Luxembourg (From: EU GOV), India (From:Associated Press) and Venezuela. Note 1: one of the leaked US diplomatic cables call for economic retaliation against countries that ban GMO food (From: US Consular via Wikileaks). Note 2: US formally treats GMO foods as safe. GMO Labeling is optional in US (From:Dept […]

Food history trivia

Trade dispute regarding export of growth hormone infused beef from US to EU. (From: FDA)   US Government considers retaliating against EU for resisting BT Corn (From: US Consulate via Wikileaks)   Monsanto bribes Indonesian Ministry of Environment official in order to repeal an unfavorable decree. (From: SEC and SEC)   Monsanto’s subsidiary Delta & […]