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Process of making GMO is not safe

We need to change the way how we discuss GMO. Instead of evaluating the kind of genetic change, we as a society need to become more aware of the harmful consequences of the genetic modification process in general. Attention to other biologists: there is some amount of oversimplification in this article for the sake of […]

Effects of GM corn on mammalian health

A comparison of the effects of three GM corn varieties on mammalian health. (From: NIH and IJBS). Here is an abstract of the research. We present for the first time a comparative analysis of blood and organ system data from trials with rats fed three main commercialized genetically modified (GM) maize (NK 603, MON 810, MON 863), […]

About Genetically Modified foods (GMO)

About Genetically Modified food (GMO) Note: per definition, Organic food does not contain genetically modified ingredients, as per Section 205.105 of the National Organic Standards. (From USDA: link 1 and link 2) There are multiple aspects that should be considered when talking about GMO. First one has to do with the way how new genes […]

Food history trivia

Trade dispute regarding export of growth hormone infused beef from US to EU. (From: FDA)   US Government considers retaliating against EU for resisting BT Corn (From: US Consulate via Wikileaks)   Monsanto bribes Indonesian Ministry of Environment official in order to repeal an unfavorable decree. (From: SEC and SEC)   Monsanto’s subsidiary Delta & […]