Paper vs Plastic bags

Paper vs Plastic bags, what is better for the environment?

Here you can find several links to help you make an educated decision.

  • According to EPA, both are equally bad. At this point in time, due to numerous constantly changing variables, they are unable to suggest which one of the two has the least environmental impact. Here is what they DO suggest (From: EPA):”EPA’s key message for people interested in this question continues to be simple (organized by effectiveness):- Reduce the number of bags you use and discard after one use;
    – Re-use bags to reduce the need for new bags;
    – Recycle bags when they can no longer be used.”

  • According to NYC Dept of Environmental Conservation,
    “Neither paper nor plastic is your best choice. Your best option is to get some sturdy, reusable bags and keep a supply handy.” (From: NYC DEC)
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