Amish food quality review

American mainstream culture considers Amish grown food to be something simple, wholesome, just off the 18th century pastoral image in a museum.

Amish people live very simple life, dictated by “the order”, or Ordnung. Being a product of the past, Ordnung does not have any regulations or concerns about the use of pesticides and herbicides. Therefore, they are in the wide use in the Amish communities.

In 2009, EPA has awarded the University of Missouri a  grant  to reduce the use of high-risk pesticides among Amish and Mennonite produce growers. (From: EPA)

While not from the official/government source, there are reports that some Amish use  GMO seeds – BT corn (From: BBC) and nicotine-free tobacco (From: Wired).  What’s interesting,  this BBC video actually shows a horse drawn carriage with a chemical cistern mounted on the top, used to spray chemicals on the fields.

Be aware and do not equate Amish made food with natural/organic products.

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  2. where are the Amish to which you are referring?

    and some Amish are aware about the harm that gmo would cause their livestock and thus avoid using and/or growing gmo on their land.

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